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Residential Homestead Exemption

Formulario para Solicitar Exenciones de los Impuestos Residenciales

Residence Homestead Section 11.13

Procedimientos para la Protesta y Apelacion de los Impuestos de la Propiedad

Disabled Veteran’s Exemption

Ambulatory Health Care Center Assistance

Charitable Organizations

Community Housing Org Improving Prop Low Income

Constructing or Rehabbing Low Income Property

Miscellaneous Property

Miscellaneous Property Exemption - Information

Nonprofit Water or Wastewater Service

Primarily Charitable Organizations

Property Tax Abatement

Solar or Wind Powered Energy Devices

Transitional Housing Property


Disabled Veterans Section 11.22

Cemetery Property

Charitable Org Improving Prop for Low Income

Community Housing Org Improving Prop Low Income

Historic or Archeological Site Property

Nonprofit Business Org Economic Development

Pollution Control Property

Private School Property

Religious Organizations

Theater School Property

Youth Development Organizations

Water Conservation Initiatives Property

Special Real Appraisal/Rendition

Personal Property Forms


Special Inventory


Dealers Motor Vehicle Inventory Declaration

Dealers Motor Vehicle Inventory Election

Dealers Motor Vehicle Inventory Tax Statement

Dealer’s Vessel, Trailer and Outboard Motor Inventory Declaration/Tax Statement

Dealer’s Heavy Equipment Inventory Declaration

Dealer’s Heavy Equipment Inventory Tax Statement

Retail Manufactured Housing Inventory Declaration/Tax Statement

Dealer’s Heavy Equipment Inventory: Value Section 23.1241

Prepayment of Taxes by Heavy Equipment Dealers Section 23.1242


Dealer’s Motor Vehicle Inventory; Value Section 23.121

Prepayment of Taxes by Certain Taxpayers Section 23.122

Dealer’s Vessel and Outboard Motor Inventory: Value Section 23.124

Prepayment of Taxes by Certain Taxpayers Section 23.125

Retail Manufactured Housing Inventory: Value Section 23. 127

Prepayment of Taxes by Manufactured Housing Retailers Section 23.128

2015 Aggregate Tax Rates


ARB - Appraisal Review Board